Water Damage Los Angeles

 Residential & Commercial Property Refurbishment Los Angeles

Water Damage are property refurbishment specialists in Los Angeles.

When it comes to water damage recovery and residential or commercial refurbishment, clients value our expertise and the quality of our services at Water Damage.

Though it’s a shame to have to deal with flooding repair more than once, we’ve nonetheless had many repeat clients over the years due to our reputation as the 1-stop shop in residential and commercial refurbishment.

Once our water damage specialists have used their extraction and removal equipment to determine that the building is completely dry and sanitized, then the job of flood repair and refurbishment can start. We’re able to carry out simple 1-day jobs or multi-trade complete renovations. Our flood repair and restoration service is consistently utilized by several large USA insurance companies and loss adjusters.

Property Refurbishment Los Angeles

  • Repair of Drips and Leaks to Prevent Future Damage
  • Drywall and Complete Interior Repair
  • Floor and Subfloor Repairs and Installs
  • Unblock Drains to Prevent Future Flooding
  • Repair or Replace Water Supply Fixtures and Appliances

At Water Damage we understand the special needs of a commercial client. Property managers know we’re a trusted and experienced partner they can rely on.

Our company’s sterling reputation was earned by superior workmanship and customer service. While you’re at it anyway, this might be a perfect way to knock off other items on your list and to get to know us as a building partner. We are always happy to supply references of our happy customers.


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